Designer Series Guitar Cables



Our ARTIC Guitar & Instrument Cables are designed to deliver natural sound and tones while minimizing external noise and hum. We hand-build our cables in the USA with top quality components and rock-solid dependability.

We start with our cable, containing a center conductor made from 20 strands of 0.012 awg bare copper wire, covered in a polyethylene dialectic, which is then wrapped in black carbon PVC layer. This special layer is used to eliminate “micro phonics”, which is the noise produced when tapping or moving a cable when used with a high impedance voltage circuit (as an electric guitar). A spiral shield is then used to further reduce noise with a PVC outer jacket that resist sharp edges and abrasion while also allowing for maximum cable flexibility.

Just as important, we terminate every cable with our rugged ARTIC ¼” plug. These exclusive connectors feature quality metal and plating plus a 360 degree strain relief, which restrains the cable pulling away from the soldered contact points. Each cable is inspected and computer tested to ensure consistent performance and reliability.

ARTIC Guitar & Instrument Cables include a limited lifetime warranty. MADE IN USA.