About Us

ProGear4U is a subdivision of JLH Technologies, LLC. It was founded in 2016 by Musician, Electronic Engineer, and Musical Product Manufacturer, Jeff Harris. ProGear4U was created for the following purposes. The main purpose is to provide an easy access website where musicians all over the world can browse through instrument categories to see new and innovative devices and products that are sold factory direct from the manufacturer. In many cases you will see products that are not sold in the big box music stores.

The second purpose is to help promote and advertise for a diverse mix of musical instrument vendors and manufacturers such as:

  • Small companies and individuals that only make one or two products.
  • Companies that choose to keep their profit and sell their products direct, not in the big box music stores.
  • Manufacturers of niche products that have been turned down by the big box music stores.
  • Startup companies that are trying to get the word out about their product.

All of the above will get valuable exposure that will help to spread awareness of their product, and in turn will help generate factory direct sales revenue for them.

The third purpose is to create a web community where inventors, engineers, luthiers, technicians, and craftsmen can share their experience, give helpful advice, or maybe make suggestions on how a musician might solve a particular equipment problem or need. In some cases they may suggest how to create, modify or implement a fix for a certain need. In being helpful and offering suggestions to musicians that have a problem to solve, they may very well make valuable contacts for future or current work opportunities.

The last purpose is to provide a simple, no cost way for bands, groups, and performing artist to promote themselves worldwide, and to put the word out about who they are, what they do, what they look like, and ultimately create interest in their creative musical entity.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a clean, concise, and easy to navigate website that is a valuable resource for both musicians and musical instrument vendors and manufacturers.