AxeTrak Isolation Cabinet for Bass Guitar


 Bass Guitar

Now you can record the deep warm amplified tone of your bass guitar amp without being heard by your neighbors. Introducing the AxeTrak® Isolation Cabinet for bass guitar. This model is made identical to the original AxeTrak® for guitar with two major differences. The heavy-duty 6.5″ bass driver used in this version of the AxeTrak® was custom made to our unique specifications by Eminence Speaker. It has excellent low-end frequency characteristics as well as great presence. This model AxeTrak® is capable of reproducing ground thumping bass tones with incredible clarity. Want extreme low end? Just open the “Deep Port” on the left side of the AxeTrak® and STEP BACK!!! You’ll swear you’re playing through an 18″ speaker and a pair of 10’s. This model utilizes a green LED so that it can be easily distinguished from the original model for guitar (red LED). The recorded sound of this small lightweight device is totally awesome and will blow you away.