Drummersleash is a great new product invented by a drummer for drummers. This amazing device allows any drummer to spin drumsticks without fear of the sticks spinning out of control and flying across the stage. Forget hot and heavy gloves and sticky waxes… Drummersleash is easy to use and comfortable, no matter your age or hand size. If stick-spinning is part of your performance, you have come to the right place! Drummersleash is a totally affordable way to add excitement to your playing style and on-stage performance.

The way Drummersleash works is very easy: One strap goes around your finger, and the other strap has a sticky backing that goes around any size drumstick. Place the Drummersleash approximately 1/3 of the way up on the drumstick from the butt end. Secure the Drummersleash around your index finger, balance it out with your hand flat (as you would have it when shaking someone’s hand) and start spinning. The patented design (US Patent Number: 7,435,889) has a hard plastic housing that holds a speed ball bearing which enables the spin action of the Drummersleash.

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