Holeyboard Pedalboards


Holeyboard Pedalboards use cable-ties to secure and protect your pedals, they are Strong, Tight, and Fast. They are a better solution to velcro and nasty adhesives that damage your pedals and dont hold up. They make changing pedals easy so you can focus on being more creative.

We created the Top Shelf to eliminate the toe dance while reaching pedals in the back row. It’s reposition-able to fit your needs and it allows you to place any power supply under it, with no additional parts needed.

The Holeyboard Pedalboard’s Curved Deck mimics the arc of your foot for more accurate and intuitive pedal switching.

All Holeyboard Pedalboards have: Holeyboard’s patented design and hole pattern that allows you to place your pedals where you want, easily, with cable ties. Integrated handles for easy loading in and out, screwed-on durable rubber feet, stainless steel hardware and fasteners, aircraft grade aluminum construction with a durable tumbled finish, lifetime warranty.

Chemistry Design Werks has been innovating and pushing the boundaries of design and engineering since the release of our first Holeyboard in 2011, we never stop.

We are committed to making the easiest to use, highest precision pedalboards, built proudly in the USA.