Ken Rich Sound Services - Restoration and Servicing of Vintage Keyboards


We specialize in the restoration and servicing of vintage keyboard instruments.

Ken Rich has been a musical technician in the Los Angeles area for over 35 years, opening Ken Rich Sound Services over 25 years ago.

We pride ourselves in realizing the utmost potential of classic instruments from the past, and stabilizing them for the modern professional musician.

We are specialists in bringing these instruments back to fully functioning form, and sounding as good as they possibly can.

We aid numerous touring artists with rigs of all shapes and sizes, keeping them properly maintained and equipped to handle life on the road.

These beautiful instruments become truly special when a complete physical and sonic restoration is completed. We offer cabinet repair, retolexing, new grill cloth, and new hardware.

We also offer custom work and modifications to make your instrument something unique. Choose a custom color palette for your piano or organ, give your Rhodes or Wurlitzer piano MIDI functionality, have us install a Whammy bar into your Clavinet, or give your Hammond organ drive, EQ and an effects loop.