Neova MIDI Ring Controller by ENHANCIA


Neova is a MIDI ring controller that lets musicians control any musical effect with natural hand gestures. It results in a brand new way to enhance music performance.

The ring comes with a hub that musician connect via USB to the computer or via MIDI with instruments that supports it. Neova synchronizes to every major DAW and compatible with any software synthesizers and MIDI controllers.

For a complete experience, ENHANCIA also developed Plume. This Plugin has been designed specifically for the ring and encases hundreds of sound presets natively mapped with the ring. It can also be used to encase others plugins and save a dedicated configuration.

Neova is designed with 9 motion sensors which have highly accurate gesture recognition algorithms. They enable to control musical effects naturally and only when intended to. The gesture library consists of following intuitive movements:

● Vibrato, Bend and Tilt specifically designed to enhance the play on the instrument.

● Wave and Roll let musicians control the music in the air.

To give musicians instant responsivity, ENHANCIA created its own wireless proprietary protocol which is optimized for ultra low latency. The technology is 8 times more reactive than Bluetooth with unparalleled 2ms of latency. The overall system is a patented technology.

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