Straight Frets Guitar Service



Straight Frets is an Austin based guitar repair business focusing on precision fretwork, high quality nuts and saddles, setups, and electronic work that will bring positive results to your tone, playability, and experience with music. We have the only Plek machine (available to the public) in the state of Texas.  With three on staff, our turnaround time is usually less than a week, but can be more with more involved jobs.  With as many guitars we see each month (50-60), there are many aspects of repair that we do that isn’t listed on the website, which is the ability to create jigs, tools, or alternate solutions for solving problems with instruments that reflect experience of building coupled with the spirit of invention.  From Floyd Rose tremolos to banjo mandolins over 125 years old and anywhere in between, if your instrument has frets and needs some help with playability, tone, intonation, or cosmetics, please consider dropping us a line. Check out our 30+ before and after pages or our videos on YouTube to see some of the details of what we do. Our goal is to make people happy one guitar at a time.

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